Mountains and Minds and Bikes

“We started the club because we were having trouble finding people to ride with,” says Adam Sklar, one of the masterminds behind the recreational Montana State Mountain Bike Club.

Sklar created a Facebook page to make planning rides a simpler task. Since then, he and his comrade Joey Wyckoff have made the club MSU official. Anyone is welcome to come out and ride, and all type of abilities and levels of experience are welcome. It gives students a chance to utilize their bikes and immerse themselves in the outdoor atmosphere in Bozeman. This motivation allows an increasing number of members to discover the Bozeman trails and many members make the trek outside of town to ride other trails as well.

In terms of where they travel, Sklar mentioned casual escapades that take them around town and beyond. “There are fun trails any direction you look. We are also working on organizing some trips to places like Teton Pass,” he said. “Possibly a couple of places in the Pacific Northwest and a trip to the desert in the spring.”

The group always keeps members updated through social media, and information about the club and its excursions are generally posted in the Montana State Mountain Bike Club Facebook group,!/groups/248668508589071/. Along with that, members post the equipment they want to sell as well as videos and pictures from previous rides.

The atmosphere created by this club is only further accentuated by the enthusiastic attitudes of its participants. Samuel McMain heard about the club through some friends in his dorm, which lead to his involvement: “It gives students a chance to not only explore places they probably never would, but it also gives them experiences they’ll never forget,” said McMain. “Mountain biking is unlike any other sport in that it allows you to go places you could not reach any other way.”

Open to all students, those who join will have excellent rides and experiences.“Don’t be discouraged by your skill level or what kind of bike you have. If it has tires that can be ridden on dirt, there is a ride for you,” Wycoff said, explaining the club’s mission: “We want to bring the entire community of mountain bikers in Bozeman together so we can all ride, because it is way more fun that way.”

Rides specifically for beginners are in the works to attract more people to the group. Sklar and Wyckoff reiterate the club’s purpose as indulging in enjoyment and encourage students to come forth with any biking-related ideas they have in mind. Whether through a casual ride or a technical trail, this club offers a welcoming environment and a pure love for the mountain biking sport.