Jake Bleskin steps up

MSU quarterback Jake Bleskin might be starting as a Bobcat for the first time this weekend, but football is almost second nature, as he has been playing since the age of five. “I was brought up playing the sport because my dad was a football coach and I was always around the game,” he said.

His older brother Tanner, a wide receiver for the MSU, was part of the reason Jake ended up here, and “The football program was taking a huge step in the right direction. Plus, the academics are outstanding here,” said Jake.

Bleskin looks to his brother as a role model and source of inspiration. “My brother inspires me. He has always been a great role model for me and it has really been a pleasure watching him dominate on and off the field. I want to do that as well.” The Great Falls, native says his favorite thing about football is “the relationships that I build with my teammates. We spend a lot of time together and it is truly an honor to call these guys my teammates.”

Before a game, he enjoys listening to relaxing music and studying plays. During a game, “the best part of playing quarterback is being in control and knowing that you can control the outcome of the game,” he said. Bleskin, a sophomore studying health enhancement and kinesiology, said, “Balancing everything is definitely the key to success. There is so much going on in one day, so it is important to balance your time and have your priorities straight.”

Bleskin is thankful for the role football plays in his life, but knows there is more to it. “I will play football as long as I have the opportunity. I realize football is not everything, though, and that is why I am getting a degree so I have something to fall back on.”

In regards to Bobcat football, “We really appreciate the support we get on Saturdays,” said Bleskin. “Without our sell-out crowds, the atmosphere would not be the same; we feed off your energy.”