We will, we will rec you

Bozeman is a town that thrives on recreation. The different seasons allow for all kinds of outdoor pursuits and opportunities to spend time doing activities you love. The National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA): Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, a non-profit organization that identifies the benefits of physical development, recognizes Thursday, Feb. 22 as National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day. This day is also the founding day of NIRSA, which was founded in 1950 by Dr. William Wasson, who organized the first intramural conference at Dillard University in New Orleans. There, the National Intramural Association (NIA) was formed and Wasson served as the first president of the association. The NIA was made possible by the team of 20 black intramural directors from 11 historically black colleges who attended the first intramural conference.

Now, National Rec Day is celebrated in colleges and universities across the nation. Schools are incorporating resources and programs that advance healthy habits and staying active to the students and community members. This plan is employed by the 11 professionals hired by the MSU Recreation Sports and Fitness to bring to life programs such as group exercise, club sports and intramurals. The Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center (MHFC) is a part of the 4,500 network of professionals that serve the student population in the United States.

Doing its part to celebrate National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day, the MHFC offered free entry into the facility as well as to all its group exercise classes for the day. The lobby also hosted a smoothie machine that was powered by pedaling a bike to show the fruits of one’s hard work. The staff rounded out the event with the question, “How do you rec?” written on a small postcard to get students to be more conscious about healthy habits.