Get to know MSU Tennis star Laura Mary

Player: Laura Mary

Year: Redshirt Sophomore

Major: Exercise Science

Hometown: Eaubonne, France


Question: What first got you interested in tennis?

Laura Mary: My father was playing an hour or so a week when I was young, and my brother [played] as well. I wanted to try it, so I tried it and I got into it.


Q: What does being a Bobcat mean to you?

LM: It means a lot of things. I really feel like I’m representing the university when I’m playing, and I like the spirit. Everybody is really nice here.


Q: Do you have a routine before every match?

LM: Just warming up with the team.


Q: What’s your all-time favorite movie, and why?

LM: I like Coach Carter, because he takes a team with bad results and makes them really good individuals in life and in their sport.


Q: How was the culture shock coming to America from France?

LM: In the beginning the main barrier I had was the language, but when I got here it was my second year [in the U.S.] so the language barrier was gone.

(Mary transferred to MSU from Coastal Carolina University)


Q: What do you miss about France?

LM: Mainly my family and the food.


Q: What type of food [do you miss from France]?

LM: The things that we don’t really have here, so like bread and cheese and also the pastries.


Q: Do you have a favorite artist that you listen to?

LM: I listen to a little bit of everything. I like Caribbean music, it keeps me calm.


Q: Who’s your favorite tennis player, and why?

LM: I like Roger Federer because of how he thinks and plays.


Q: What do you plan to do with an exercise science major after you graduate?

LM: I’m still deciding between coaching and sports medicine.


Q: What’s your favorite activity outside of tennis?

LM: I like to hang out with friends, and if possible go skiing.


Q: If you could be any animal, what animal would you choose to be and why?

LM: I would want to be a tiger, because I like how they act. They are always ready for action.


Q: Do you have any secret talents?

LM: No. [Laura didn’t say she had any but her coach said her penmanship.]


Q: Do you have any goals for this season?

LM: The championship. [laughter] I’m hopefully going to make it to conference.