Get to know sophomore forward Madeline Smith

By Karalee Kothe

Name: Madeline Smith

Year: Sophomore

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Snohomish, Washington

Position: Forward

Stats: Player of the Week last week, averaged 13.5 points and 16.5 rebounds


Question: When and why did you start playing basketball?

Madeline Smith: “I started playing basketball in first grade. My mom signed me up since I was a head taller than everyone else.”

Q: What’s your favorite basketball memory?

MS: “When I was in seventh grade we started traveling, and I had the best travel weekends with all of my best friends from middle school.”

Q: Do you have any pre-game routines or superstitions?

MS: “I always take a shower before a game so my hair is wet and my bun stays in place.”

Q: What are the top three things that made you successful?

MS: “My height, my competitiveness, all the good teams I’ve been on and my coaches.”

Q: Do you have any role models?

MS: “When I was in fourth grade, one of my favorite coaches let me practice dribbling even though I was a post. In my mind, it was a great thing.”

Q: What has basketball taught you about life?

MS: “Definitely learning how to work with a lot of different personalities and get the best out of each person.”

Q: How do you keep your head in the game with a tough opponent?

MS: “I’m always confident in our ability to make plays and that we will win.”

Q: What do you like about basketball?

MS: “I really like the physicality of it, and I like how competitive everyone is.”

Q: How do you balance basketball with being a student?

MS: “It’s definitely hard somedays. I try to focus on what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I try to focus on basketball when I’m [playing] and focus on class when I’m in class.”

Q: What are your career aspirations?

MS: “Making/designing some sort of shoes or equipment with a big company like Nike, Under Armour or Adidas.”

Q: What’s your advice for other girls following in your steps?

MS: “Be clear about what you want out of your experience. You could be the best player on a poor team or be on a great team with great coaches. Focus on what you want and don’t settle for anything less.”


Madeline Smith, a graduate of Snohomish High School, is a freshman forward on the Montana State women’s basketball team. (Kelly Gorham / Montana State University)