Transcend like Inge

Inge Perkins, a Bozeman native who studied mathematics at MSU, was killed in an avalanche while skiing on Saturday, Oct. 7. Her memorial was held at Bridger Bowl, and a celebration of her life followed afterward at Spire Climbing Center on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

The celebration of Perkins’ life at Spire brought together a warm community of loved ones. A large crowd of like-minded people gathered to laugh, climb and reminisce the times they shared with her. The crowd showed the person she was through the moments they spent and experienced with her. She was a skier, a climber and an adored person – that much was clear. She loved the outdoors and experienced all she could.

Those in attendance included friends and family, as well as peers that never got the chance to meet her. Loved ones revealed how they remembered Perkins by sharing memories and thoughts on a card and hanging them on the branch of a small memorial tree, next to a slideshow projecting the joyful times of her life. The night was meant to be a celebration that Perkins would have liked. Her favorite movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Kindergarten Cop,” was shown alongside climbing and dancing.

A few people close to Perkins started the hashtag #transcendlikeinge to detail her athletic prowess and her ability to make extraordinary feats look easy. Perkins was sponsored by Scarpa, a powerful giant in the climbing world which pushes the limits on what female athletes can achieve.

In the end, a dear life was lost, but the accomplishments and the marks she made will stay. Perkins’ impact on those around her will transcend and she will be remembered.


Photo courtesy of Brad Potter