Fall clean-up efforts led by community members

As Fall comes into full effect, there are many efforts in place to give the community the chance to give back to public lands in the Gallatin Valley. Two local events, the Gallatin River Clean-Up and the Hyalite Canyon Fall Clean-Up, brought community members outdoors to aid in restoring public lands for continued recreational use throughout the year.

The Gallatin River Clean-Up, organized by a nonprofit organization in Bozeman called the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council (GGWC), occurred Saturday, Oct. 14. Volunteers gathered in Four Corners for a day of picking up trash from the valley and its water sources. The goal of GGWC is to conserve water resources as well as promote the longevity of streams and rivers in the lower Gallatin Valley.

The latter event, The Hyalite Canyon Fall Clean-Up, hosted by the Custer Gallatin National Forest (CGNF) is an annual event which took place the following day on Sunday, Oct. 15. Volunteers assembled at the day-use pavilion at Hyalite Canyon to help restore the canyon to an untarnished appearance in a matter of a few hours. CGNF is a government organization, which utilizes help from the community in keeping the nation’s forests and grasslands in healthy conditions.

These clean-up events are beneficial in the preservation of public lands because no matter how careful the people who occupy and utilize these lands may be, whether for a few hours or a couple of weeks, these public lands deserve attention regularly. Over the years, many trails and streams have been established and preserved as a product of these enhancement projects, powered by community members and public land enthusiasts alike. And with the help of the above organizations, the Gallatin Valley continues to be a major source of open land for public use as well as diverse habitats in southwestern Montana.