Avoiding cabin fever in the Fall

Getting outside can be hard in the fall. Once the temperature starts to drop, everyone seems to bundle up and head inside. You want to do something, but all your old hikes and bike rides seem less appealing than Netflix. If you are waiting to turn on the heat and are dying for something to do, go check out these fall spots. There are so many outdoor activities you may have no idea about, so get in your cars, grab some gear and head outside.

Boiling River, Yellowstone, WY

If you are looking for adventure and a way to warm-up, head to the Boiling River. This getaway is only an hour drive from Bozeman, and is a natural sight to behold. It’s only five minutes across the Montana border, so pack a lunch and get an early start. Plug in “North Entrance of Yellowstone” in your GPS and once you’re in the park, pull off to the first parking lot on your left. When you notice steam clouds coming from the river, you have arrived. It is 100 percent naturally heated by an underground hot spring. The boiling and ice cold water swirl around, creating a luxurious natural phenomenon at the perfect temperature. Enjoy the scenery and snap some pictures of the bison while you’re at it. Don’t forget a towel, and change into your swimsuit before hand since the walk to the river from the parking lot is half a mile.

COST: $25 per vehicle (entrance fee to Yellowstone National Park)

Bozeman Hot Springs

If a day trip seems daunting and you can’t get out of town, take an evening off and head to the Bozeman Hot Springs. Like the Boiling River, it is also heated by natural hot springs, and is a great way to get outside no matter the weather. The facility is open until 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 6 p.m on Friday and 12 a.m. on Saturday. This venue has live bands on select nights, so check their website before you go. With only a 15-minute drive from downtown, you’ll be warm in no time. Not wanting to give up your Friday and Saturday nights? It’s open at 6 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on weekends so get up early, hit the hot springs, and then grab breakfast downtown. This outdoor activity can fit into anyone’s schedule and is a must while in Bozeman.

COST: $7 with MSU student ID

Stargazing in Hyalite

We’ve all been up to Hyalite on a beautiful sunny day, but have you gone on a spectacular clear night? Stargazing is best during the fall, and it gets you out of the house. Bring blankets, a thermos full of hot chocolate, some firewood and ingredients for s’mores. The campgrounds are now closed, so you can drive up there to an empty spot and use the firepits and picnic tables. Pitch some camping chairs and gaze at shooting stars. You’ll be speechless as you hear the fire crackle and peer at the galaxy. Have bear spray just in case, check the weather for clear skies and wear warm clothes. Stargazing is the perfect option for gathering your friends outdoors.

Hit the Slopes

For those of you who have season passes and are desperately awaiting opening day, fret no more. Fairy Lake has a wonderful slope for skinning, or even just hiking up. When you get there you’ll see the marks of other skiers and boarders, so just follow their lead. The snow coverage is thin, so this is not for anyone anxious to test out new gear. Prepare to get some scrapes from branches and rocks, but if you have some old equipment, this is the activity for you. Fairy Lake is also a quality sledding spot if you have the itch to play in the snow but don’t have skiing gear. You can get to this spot with GPS. It will take you to a campground spot with a little trail to a lake. You want to follow the hiking signs leading to Sacagawea peak. You aren’t headed to the actual peak, but you use the trail to get to the main slope.

And there you have it, a full list of activities to get you out of the house this fall. Breathe the crisp air and enjoy the elements. Fall isn’t so bad after all.