MSU’s Outdoor Rec Center: Your recreation destination

Children participate in the Bobcat Sumer Youth Camp. Photo Courtesy of the Outdoor Rec Center.

Getting Bobcats outdoors since 1975, MSU’s Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) is your destination for outdoor fun. New Bobcats may not be aware of the vast array of services they offer right here on campus. Are you a transplanted flatlander who wants to try downhill skiing, but don’t have the money to shell out for expensive gear? Through the ORC, $27.00 gets you everything you need for a whole weekend on the slopes. Do you want to try kayaking, but have no kayak? Rent one for the day for $22.00. Do you need a bear proof cooler for your camping trip so a grizzly doesn’t eat you or your lunch? You can find one at the ORC for $16.50 to keep those pesky bears away from your dinner for the whole weekend.

Mosey on over to the Outdoor Recreation Center where you can rent just about everything you need to adventure in the Gallatin Valley at ridiculously reduced rates. Are you an environmentally minded millennial who wants to hit trails, but have no way to head for the mountains? There’s no need for your own wheels if you sign up for hikes with MSU’s Outdoor Recreation Center. For just $20.00 you can meet other like-minded Cats and carpool to numerous trails in the Gallatin Valley and Yellowstone. Are you itching to learn how to rock climb or raft our resplendent rivers? Outdoor Recreation has you covered with affordable guided trips and instruction for the low price of $25.00.

Does your bike need a tune up, but your roommate is unhappy that you’ve turned the dorm room into a fix-it shop? Bring your bike over to Outdoor Rec Bike and Ski Shop where you can work on your gear without enraging your roomie. Bike stands and tools are available at the bargain basement at the rate of $2.00 for half an hour. Does your bike need more help than you can give it? Let the outdoor rec techs do the work for you for less than a bike shop would charge. Inquire for rates.

Are you a ski bum who could use a course in avalanche safety? MSU offers a free snow and avalanche workshop on Nov. 9 in the SUB, Ballroom A, at noon. For more in-depth snow and avalanche safety instruction, sign up for the three day course for only $275 that teaches you how to be safe in the snow.  Would you like to learn how to finesse your way up a frozen waterfall? Sign up for a two day course on ice climbing for $125 that includes transportation and gear. Hyalite Canyon is one of the best spots in the country to ice climb and the folks at the Outdoor Recreation Center can teach you the fundamentals of this exhilarating sport. Register now before the spots fill up.

Make your way over to the Outdoor Recreation Center, located at 1401 Lincoln St., west of Roskie Hall, and sign up for an adventure. Check out their website at