MSU tennis teams compete strong in Big Sky Conference

The Montana State University Men’s Tennis Team defeated Eastern Washington 4-3 on April 16 to give them an overall record of 6-13, but a winning record of 5-4 within the Big Sky Conference. The women’s team has an impressive record of 12-4 this season, and are 8-1 in the Big Sky Conference, falling only to Northern Arizona with a 3-4 loss at home on April 15, ending their seven-match winning streak. This was also the team’s first loss at home this season.

The women’s team started their season with a sound 7-0 win over Lewis and Clark State, and have since defeated (outside the Big Sky Conference) Seattle University with a 5-2 win, Lewis and Clark State 7-0 again and the College of Idaho 7-0. Within the conference, they have defeated Southern Utah 6-1 in their first home meet on March 10, and went on to win over Idaho State 5-2, Weber State 6-1 and the University of Montana 6-1, all at home.

“We have a lot of work to be done. We need to finish strong and continue to work on our preparation and our health,” said MSU Women’s Tennis Head Coach John Reeves. “We told [the women] from moment one we needed leadership, both on and off court. We needed work ethic in the classroom and on the playing field. Most importantly, we needed to learn to be a team and support every team member in all areas of life.”

The women’s team will travel to Eastern Washington on April 21 and to University of Idaho on April 23  to finish the season. They will then compete in the Big Sky Conference Championships in Sacramento on April 28-30. They are currently seeded second in the conference, just behind Northern Arizona.

After falling to Idaho State on April 15, the MSU Men’s Tennis Team traveled to Cheney, Washington to face off against the Eastern Washington Eagles in their ninth conference matchup this season. With a No. 3 doubles win by duo freshman Kasper Parlklo and junior Dylan Harvala, followed by a 6-4, 0-6, 6-3 win by Parlklo over Eastern Washington’s Wacil Bendjelti, the Bobcats cinched a 4-3 win, giving them a 5-4 record in the Big Sky Conference and a sixth seed within the conference.

The men’s team has had four home matches so far this season. On March 3 they faced off against Southern Utah, whom they defeated 4-0, giving them their second Big Sky Conference win and making them 2-0 within the conference. They fell the next day to Northern Arizona with a loss of 1-6. MSU did not play at home again until April 8, falling to Sacramento State 2-5 and again on April 9, losing 3-4 to Idaho State.

These three conference losses, in addition to a loss to the University of Idaho, make up the four conference losses the men have so far this season. In addition to their home win against Northern Arizona, the men have won away matches against Northern Colorado, Portland State and North Dakota State. On April 21 the men’s tennis team will face off against the University of Montana Grizzlies and Weber State on April 22, both at home, to finish off the season.