Spring Break: Last minute ideas to get outside and active


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you most likely know that spring break is right around the corner. Given how busy the semester has been for everyone, perhaps you haven’t had time to plan for a week off from school. Luckily, as the expert of the Outdoors section, I have a few potential ideas for you to spice up this upcoming week.

For the radical: Mountain Bike Bridger Bowl

Perhaps you have heard that Bridger Bowl is all about skiing and that one should spend their entire spring break shredding the gnar out of the sick runs it has to offer. If you have looked at the upcoming weather report, it clearly implies that there is going to be less snow at Bridger Bowl and more slush. What better way to spend the week than trying to mountain bike the resort? If you bike fast enough uphill, ski patrol won’t be able to stop you. Additionally, they are the ski patrol, not the bike patrol, and therefore cannot do anything to keep you from enjoying all the mountain biking you can get.

For the frugal: Vegas, Baby

The local climbing club, Vertigo Mountaineering, always heads to Red Rocks Conservation Area for spring break. Take the time to snag a ride down there with them. If you become a member, they will help cover the cost of gas. Once down there, though, do not spend your time climbing. It is a worthless activity that you can do around Bozeman. Why drive all the way to Las Vegas to climb when you could do it here? Instead, once in Vegas, hit the casinos. Nothing says “no need for school anymore” like raking in the dough from slot machines. Bonus to this trip: you’ll have air conditioning and fruity drinks if you stay inside. If you go to Vegas to climb, you only get sand everywhere and cheap, warm climber beer.

For the health conscious: Run Farther

If you are a health-oriented outdoor enthusiast, chances are you like to run. You are probably planning on running over break anyway. I challenge you to take this activity to the next level. Don’t stop at simply running around the block a couple times. “Forrest Gump” it up and run across America. Think that running coast to coast is too ambitious to do over the course of a week? Run faster. Trust me, the miles will fly by and you will be healthier than you have ever been before.

For the traveler: Pico de Orizaba

It is most certainly practical, from this date of publication, to plan an entire trip to go climb Pico de Orizaba in Mexico. With a height of 18,500 feet, take a week to fly to Mexico and summit the peak, then come back down and fly back to Bozeman. Simply put, you will have an adventure. What about altitude sickness, you may ask? Altitude sickness is merely folklore, any person from Montana will have no problem running up the peak. As an alternate option, for the health-focused traveler, run down to Mexico and climb the peak, then run back.

Obviously, this list is not fully inclusive of all the potential trips you can do on spring break. Keep in mind that this is your chance to up your awesomeness to an entirely new level. Dream big, win big, make memories and get in shape. Nothing says “I did spring break right” like coming back with lots of money or stories. Get out there and have fun.