Snobar: Big Sky’s annual EDM party in the snow

Laser lights, snow and DJs comprised Big Sky’s 2017 Snobar, an annual two-weekend, 21+ EDM party, taking place Jan. 14 and 21. Big Sky Ski Resort has been hosting the event for over a decade. Despite the long, winding drive up the canyon and the prospect of a late night return to Bozeman, about 1,300 people packed themselves into a snow structure built by the resort crew, complete with raised stage and a bar dug into one of the three-foot thick walls. Complementing the stage were two dancers on either side of the DJ platform as well as a giant LED screen synced with the music.

DJ Chrome kicked off the event, Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. and people poured in until 7 p.m. The remaining lineup consisted of DJ Party Girl and DJ 5 Star performing together and DJ Kapture, who traveled down from Missoula for an hour long set. DJ DOWNPOUR! teamed up with DJ Prez to close the night.

The crowd ebbed and flowed with the music, and became excited with each bass drop. Everything went off without a hitch until the music suddenly stopped during Kapture’s set, due to a technical difficulty. The crowd booed and threw empty cans at the platform, upset by the break in music, only to settle down once the problem was fixed.

Overall, Snobar was a unique experience for the Bozeman area and well-worth the drive from town. Look out for next year’s Snobar to experience a wild EDM party at Montana’s largest ski resort.

By: Colter Peterson