Some words of advice for Gold Rush

May I have your attention please,

This is your sports editor speaking and as we take off on this wonderful and exciting time of year that is football season, I have an important message for you. Whether this is your first Bobcat football game or your fiftieth, there are some logistics I would like to go over before Gold Rush kicks off this weekend.

BE STOKED. It’s football season. IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON. It’s that time of year where conversations rotate around who’s bought their tickets, the latest Football Bowl Subdivision or Football Championship Subdivision upset, and how much the Grizzlies suck. Come out to the home games, paint your bodies blue and gold and scream your head off on third down.

GO ALL IN. Game day is an all-day event. Tailgate before the game, watch the band and cheer squad lead the team into the stadium and make it to the student section by kickoff. Try staying in the stands for halftime, and join in on chants with the cheerleaders. Be positive, and remember that it’s better to be a Bobcat than a freaking grizzly bear.

DON’T DO THIS. I’m just going to go right ahead and mention this one: don’t be blackout drunk. Bobcat football games are fun, and more fun when you remember them. Besides, nobody likes looking at someone who is uncontrollably yelling, stumbling around or puking in the stands. Remember you are representing Montana State University when you wear blue and gold, if you choose to consume alcohol, do it in a safe, responsible, and legal manner. And freshmen, nobody wants a MIP/MIC the second week into college.

As the first home game approaches, remember these few tips as you enter Bobcat Stadium repping your Gold Rush t-shirt. Go all in for the Cats as they crush Bryant, get stoked for the pushups Champ has to bang out and join in with the football team in singing the fight song when the game is over.

I hope to see you all in gold this weekend,

Go Cats.