Rugby Cats finish top-eight in the nation

The Montana State women’s rugby club’s deep playoff run ended last week in a matchup against Winona University, the no. 2 ranked school in the division. After advancing to the round of 16, the Cats defeated Mankato University handily to earn a spot in the top eight. In the end though, the Cats couldn’t keep up with the top Winona side.


The finish is beyond expectations for the young club in their first fall season. The Bobcats won their conference, besting programs such as Idaho State and Utah State. Wing Stephanie Taylor earned an invitation to the USA Rugby’s Winter National All Star Competition after scoring 106 points in just six games.


In the spring, the Cats will switch gears to small-side rugby. Last spring season, the club earned a berth to the national championships and will look to do so once more this spring. The spring season will kick off in March.