Men’s rugby readies to wrap-up season

The first half of the Men’s Rugby Club’s fifth season is drawing to an end as they

prepare to play Western Colorado State this Saturday, Oct. 31. The Halloween match will be

an exciting culmination to the growth and development of the young side this fall.

The team embraces their time on the field no matter the weather — if you peeked outside

during the unforgiving hail storm this past Monday, you would have seen both the

men’s and women’s clubs enduring an hour-and-a-half of preparation for the

weekend’s matches.


“Once you’ve played in a match you understand the commitment it warrants — it’s

not a game for everyone and we’re proud of the gentlemen we have and the culture

we’re creating,” men’s Captain Matt Asaro said. “The ladies have a great thing

going as well. It’s a strong group and they’re fun to watch.”IMG_9347 IMG_9470

Asaro went on to discuss the entertainment value of the game. Rugby flows

much like a basketball or soccer game; play is almost non-stop and the more

physical and fit team usually wins. Rugby is America’s fastest growing sport, but

the majority of bystanders still watch in disarray. So when you find yourself at the game

this weekend remember a few basic things:


  1. The ball can only be passed backwards.


  1. After a tackle, a “ruck” is formed by offense to preserve possession.


  1. A scrum (a tightly packed group of players vying for the ball) goes to the other team if you drop the ball forward, which is known as a “knock-on.”


  1. A lineout (a means of restarting play) to the other team occurs if you go out of bounds.


  1. No pads means smarter tackles — similar to wrestling take downs.


  1. If a ruck is not formed the defender can simply take the ball.


Both clubs continue to work toward improvement, as they will soon look to the spring for the second half of the season. Until then, catch the men this Saturday, Oct. 31 at 2 p.m. as they face WCS. Follow both teams on Facebook at MSU Bobcats Men’s Rugby Club and Montana State Bobcats Women’s Rugby Club.