Men’s basketball preps for the future

As the weather turns cold, we are reminded that winter is just around the corner. Accompanying winter this year is a new and redefined MSU men’s basketball team. Featuring a new head coach and an abundance of fresh young players, this team is looking to redefine Bobcat basketball.

Brian Fish is the new head coach for the MSU men’s basketball team. Fish played two years of basketball at Western Kentucky University before transferring and playing two years at Marshall University. Fish started coaching right out of college and has been doing it ever since. With 25 years of collegiate coaching under his belt, he is looking to lay down the foundation for a winning program. “He [Fish] is passionate,” junior guard Marcus Colbert said, “I don’t think there is anyone in the program who wants to win more than he does.” Not only is he competitive but he also is striving to get the basketball team more connected to the students on campus. “I want to help establish a team that connects more with the community,” Fish said. “I want students to come to the games not just because it’s a basketball game, but because they want to come watch their fellow students compete.”

Besides the exhibition game on Nov. 5, the Bobcats start their season off with five games on the road. These games will be played against some of the top teams in the country, including Kentucky and UCLA. “These games will give us the opportunity to witness very elite programs,” Fish said, “They will give us a glimpse of where we’d like to end up as a program.” Having so many away games at once will be tough for the Bobcats, but Fish is ready for the challenge. “My goal is to establish a team that can grind through adversity,” he said. Freshman guard Joey Frenchwood says that the team is already preparing for those games. “We’re the underdogs, but we’re not going to back down,” Frenchwood said.

The Bobcat team is young this year, with only three seniors on the team. What the Bobcats lack in age they hope to make up for with leadership and commitment. “We keep taking strides in the right direction,” Colbert said. “Everyone is motivated and bought into the program.” Senior center Blake Brumwell is preparing for his last year with the Bobcats. “The outlook on the season is really positive,” Brumwell said, “Our attitudes are through the roof.” The Bobcats are weeks away from playing their first game but already have chemistry. “We’re all team players. We have great team chemistry and we play well together,” junior forward Danny Robison said, “I couldn’t ask for more and I’m excited for the season to start.”