Bozo trout bums take to the rivers

Do you feel that fall chill in the air? Winter is creeping up and fly-fishing season is going to slow down, but not for MSU’s fly fishing club, the Bozo Trout Bums.

Club President Conner Thomas is working with the club on their first official group float of the year and invites anyone who is interested to join them. “We want to help fly fishing enthusiasts of all levels connect and share the sport.” Thomas said.

Vice President Robbie Wirth, who has been with the club since they started last February, explained, “Before I came to college, I was hearing how amazing the fishing was around Bozeman and when I came to school I was surprised there wasn’t already a club.”

Wirth has been fishing all over the world since he was young. He spent last summer as a fishing guide in Alaska and wants to share his experience with new members. “Sometime in the next year, I’d like to create a team of a few club members and travel to a couple fishing competitions.” He said.

Wirth said, “We got a lot of new members from Catapalooza and our fly fishing festival at the end of last year.” The Bozo Trout Bums are always looking for more fishing enthusiasts to join.

Wirth encourages everyone to try the sport, saying, “There’s lots of knowledge and experience in the club and everyone is willing to help. There is so much passion for the sport in the area and everyone is so stoked to help out a new angler.”

Last Wednesday the club hosted a casual casting lesson on Roskie Field for any and all interested fly fishermen at any skill level. According to Wirth, the clinic was successful. “We had quite a few members, experienced and inexperienced, show up and we were able to help out with their casts. In the future we’d like to hold more clinics to get beginners more involved in the sport,” Wirth said.

Their group Facebook page is gaining speed as the club makes plans to get out on the river together. “I’m looking forward to floating the rivers this year with a lot of the new club members and getting to know new people.” Wirth said.

The Bozo Trout Bums can be found on Facebook at They’re also on Instagram @bozotroutbums. Any questions or inquiries regarding future events and meetings can be sent via email to