Digging deeper this season

When the school year ended and students began to relax, training for Bobcat Volleyball was just commencing. The team has been tirelessly preparing for their fall season since last spring. They have high hopes and expectations as they set forth into competition once again.

“Almost the entire team has been in Bozeman since the beginning of June working out with our strength trainer. Even the incoming freshman class came as soon as possible once they finished off their club seasons … We’ve been doing a lot more plyos, cardio and speed training this summer as opposed to lifting,” junior outside hitter Eli Svisco said.

According to Svisco, the team has been diligently preparing with huge season goals in mind. Specifically, they plan to utilize their diverse team of returning players and newcomers to make it to the conference tournament. She said the team is older this year and more experienced, with high hopes of performing well once conference season begins.

Senior libero Kasey Schlatter agrees, “Ultimately, we’d like to be playing for a conference championship but in order to get there we need to be at our best at the end of the season.”

The team started training twice a day the first week of August in order to get ready for the intensities of the coming season. Schlatter highlighted the change in the team’s focus from this year to last. The team plans to key in on their strengths as a more experienced team rather than just trying to win more games than last year.

When asked about what sets their team apart from others, both Svisco and Schlatter agree that their team has trained above and beyond to set themselves up for success.

“We have a lot of pride in what we do. We are not satisfied with just playing well; we want to win,” Schlatter said.

Svisco said the team consists of many versatile players from around the country who each bring different strengths to the team.

She added, “We have speed, athleticism and determination like no other team. Also, we’ve all been training the entire summer, unlike the other teams in the conference. This will definitely set us apart from them.”

The Bobcats kick off their season on Aug. 29 in Salt Lake City against New Mexico State University. Their first home game is Sept. 27 against University of Montana.