Athlete Profile: Sean Ferritter

Senior thrower Sean Ferriter came to MSU from Butte, and is the middle of three sons to parents Dan and LeAnn Ferriter. He studies chemical engineering at MSU and is an open book when it comes to post-graduation plans — he will most likely go on to graduate school for his major.

When asked when and how he he got started in track and field, he simply says, “I just started in high school and I really enjoyed it. Then I was able to get a scholarship to throw at MSU.”

When he visited, he clicked with the engineering program and the coaches within the track and field program, solidifying his choices in all his interest areas.

His career thus far has been made up of excellent memories and achievements. Ferriter recalls some of his favorite times on the team as being road trips to meets and seeing his teammate break the MSU hammer throw record last year.

This experience and others have strengthened Ferriter’s relationships with his coaches and teammates. If they were asked their thoughts on him, Ferriter says, “I hope they would say I have a good attitude and that I am a fun guy to compete with as well as to compete against.”

Beyond this competition, Ferriter says he hopes to someday become involved with coaching at the high school or collegiate level and remains open to options that come his way. Most importantly, Ferriter has taken a certain message away from his time on the team. “Track has a lot of ups and downs, and it has really taught me to just stick with your goals and if you keep working hard things will go your way. It has really just taught me to never give up on something I want,” he said.

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