Senior night proved successful

The Southern Utah Thunderbirds fell to the Bobcats at last Thursday, Feb. 27, senior night game. It all started when the Bobcats took the lead early, and the Thunderbirds failed to catch them, but they did not go down without a fight. Senior forward Flavien Davis said jokingly after the game that he talked to freshman guard Stephan Holm before the game, saying, “Steph, can I get a 20-point game out of you tonight? You haven’t had one in a while.” These words seemed to light a fire in Holm and his teammates, though the light became dimmer in the middle of the game.

The Bobcats led 50-39 ten minutes into the game. The Thunderbirds then put up a fight in a 26-12 run, eventually putting the game into overtime. With seniors Paul Egwuonwu and Davis, in addition to Holm, the Cats were able to hit 15 free throws in the last five minutes. Head coach Brad Huse touched on this saying, “We’ve done a good job making free throws as of late, especially in the clutch.” This quality proved true when the Cats finally clinched the win in overtime, 77-72. Overall, the team hit 30 of their 41 free throws.

Holm highlighted on what gave him and his teammates focus and drive with this particular game. “Going into playing Southern Utah, we just felt that it was a must-win because it was senior night and felt that we owed it to them to have a victory,” he said.

“We figured out a way, that’s all I can say,” Huse added. “We made enough free throws and hit enough threes and had enough performance to get the win.”

Next week, the team travels to face Northern Arizona on Thursday, and Sacramento State on Saturday to close out their regular season.