Athlete profile: Paul Egwuonwu

Senior forward Paul Egwuonwu started playing basketball when he was just a sophomore in high school. It’s a sport that allows him to enjoy the competition, but also strive to improve every day.

The Boise, Idaho native is the second-youngest of four brothers. “Something people wouldn’t know about me from seeing me play is I’m a reserved guy. I keep to myself,” he said. The way Egwuonwu brings it on the court is also due to the camaraderie he has with his teammates, stating that this year especially, the team has grown close.

Egwuonwu said other reasons he knew MSU was right for him on his initial visit,included his relationship with the coaching staff.

His teammates and his coaches have pushed him in competition and in academics. He has become accustomed to the stresses of being a student athlete after his first year at MSU, having transferred from the College of Southern Idaho. Egwuonwu says his coaches have provided additional motivation to stay on top of his studies.

Egwuonwu has big plans for his future, both for this basketball season and in life. “I want to win the Big Sky title this year and represent Montana State in the NCAA tourney. Afterwards, I would like to pursue a professional career in basketball to take care of my family,” he said.

Having only started playing as a sophomore in high school, and now at the division one level, Egwuonwu has established himself as a successful athlete at MSU. His dreams of continuing basketball can also be attributed to his pure love for the sport. “Basketball gives me an outlet from the stresses of my everyday life. I think that’s why I fell in love with the game. Seeing how much I’ve improved in so little time makes me keep working and striving to get better.”