Snow on the ground, shoes on the court

MSU is home to an incredible number of athletic students – almost every student knows how to play one sport or another. From football to racquetball, students want to play and there is an intramural league available to them. The intramurals program at MSU wraps up their basketball season which began Jan. 27, today, Feb. 20.

Each intramural basketball team is composed of five or more players, and players must sign up online with a team and play with that team for the rest of the season. Once the teams have been built, they receive their schedules and begin playing. Games are held twice a week in the north and south gyms in the Marga Hoseaus Fitness Center with student referees.

There is a social atmosphere that goes with the games, and everyone is happy to attend games and play even if their team loses the match. The players often stay and shoot some hoops to cool down afterward. The teams are friendly with only the occasional angry outburst when a referee makes a disputed call.

The high spirits the teams bring spread throughout the gym, while friends and passersby will watch and cheer on the teams competing.

Intramurals are a good way to socialize and meet new people, and even though the basketball season ends today, there are many more opportunities to take part in intramurals this semester. For more information or to sign up, visit