Rory Bauer, super sprinter

“What motivates me is how I was raised. I was raised to always do my best no matter what,” junior Rory Bauer said. Bauer is an equine science major and sprinter on the MSU track and field team. A Roberts, Mont. native, Bauer has been running track his entire life. He didn’t immediately start sprinting for the Bobcats after high school, though. After a successful senior year in FFA, he pursued a livestock judging scholarship at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo. His love for sprinting stayed in the back of his mind and ultimately won him over, causing him to make a decision to return to competition.

After a call to MSU coach Dale Kennedy, Bauer was pleased to find there was spot for him on the team. “To my surprise, he remembered me from high school and found a spot for me here at MSU. I could not be more happy to finally end up where I have always wanted to be,” he said. Now, competing among an excellent pool of athletes at MSU has allowed Bauer to become part of a family. The support they have for each other and the team camaraderie spans from practice to competition to their schedules beyond the track, which according to Bauer has made for a wonderful experience in his time on the team.

A student athlete’s life is notoriously busy, but Bauer shed light on this fact by highlighting how this business doesn’t phase him. “Balancing school, track and my social life is difficult, but luckily I have always been a really busy person so it feels comfortable. I am lucky to have a major that I love so staying focused is not a problem. As for my social life, it helps that my teammates are a big part of it.”

Bauer is the youngest of three brothers and son of Alan, a psychologist and Kathy, a physical therapist. Besides his strong passion for training for sprints, he also enjoys playing the guitar and horseback riding. His talents on the track have allowed him to excel and going to practice everyday is, in his words, just like “putting on a pair of jeans.”

What’s next on his plate after his life as a student athlete? Besides pondering future options in agriculture, he said, “It really depends on the opportunities that present themselves to me in the future. It could take a turn to extension agent or horse trainer. I am really not sure at this point, but I am excited to see what will present itself.”

He also added that he wouldn’t mind exploring options in coaching: “If the opportunity arises, I would like to coach track at the high school level. I feel that so many high school athletes receive poor or incorrect coaching and it really affects their future in athletics. I would like to make a difference in those athletes’ careers.”

With a light-hearted attitude and a hard work ethic, Bauer proves to be successful in all the different passions he pursues. His teammates and coaches admire him as an athlete, student and person, who shows exciting future promise.