Laser Dash Laser Tag

Sweat beading down my face, lasers striking all around me, and friends that I can’t get enough of. This is all you can find in Bozeman’s new Laser Dash Laser Tag, the new place to bring your friends, have a good time and get a workout while doing it.

 Now if you haven’t heard of this place I can see why not. Pulling up to this place had me scared I was going to be let down once inside. It’s located on 2020 Gilkerson Street just over the 7th Ave exit bridge heading north. When I pulled up with my friend, we immediately looked at each other with eyes of disappointment. The place looked like it was run out of an old mechanics shop with two big garage doors and a cheap “Laser Dash Laser Tag” sign. As we walked inside, to meet my fellow co-workers and friends, our faces drooped a little more. It looked like a new business with unfinished art on the wall and a sketchy looking lobby. We went up to the front counter and paid eight dollars for 15 minutes. Then we proceeded to the next room.

It was dark, and eight vests, four blue and four red, were placed on the wall with laser guns attached on the front. At this point I started to pick up hope because these were some pretty cool vests and advanced phasers. The rules were set down and the vests we were told have hidden abilities like rapid fire and shields that would last for eight seconds, which came in handy in the game. The phaser also gave you nicknames such as like King Kong, The Rock, Spy and various others — mine was Ghost. We then proceeded into the neon lit room with obstacles to hide behind and two bases. My team gathered at our base developed a strategy and the game commenced.

I have never enjoyed myself more in laser tag then I did during that game. The bases were lit up by a big sphere on the wall that protected us from our enemy. We zigged and zagged and found ourselves sweating and having the times of our lives. The game felt like it lasted an hour and at the end we all got our scores and statistics of our game. My team won by four 4,000 points,  but we all had fun so it didn’t matter.

Laser Dash Laser Tag is a hidden gem in Bozeman, for its relative price of eight dollars for 15 minutes and $15 for thirty minutes. I found myself quite surprised and pleased to call this a great place to hang with friends. They can host birthday parties, and can even hook up your iPod upstairs so you can go into battle while jamming to your favorite band. If you like fun, lasers and having a good time this place is the spot.