Starting to Downhill Ski in Bozeman

 In Bozeman, the winters are cold, windy, snowy, and have all of the general characteristics that scream “stay indoors!” to many. The message many other people receive couldn’t be any more opposite. Winter and snow means it’s time to get out and hit the slopes. If you are new here or new to skiing in general, it can be hard to know where to get equipment and go skiing. There are many options nearby, and here are some answers to common questions for those just starting, and tips on how to make your trip up to the mountain a blast.

Where do you go to get ski equipment?

There are many different places to buy or rent equipment for your ski trip. If you want to rent equipment here in Bozeman, go to various sports shops, including Bob Ward & Sons, Chalet Sports and Round House Ski and Sports Center. Another place to rent ski gear is on the mountain itself. Most mountains have a ski shop that rents out equipment. Although the prices for ski rentals vary, usually you can expect prices to be somewhere between $20 and $40. If you are looking to buy equipment, any of the ski rental shops also sell new or used equipment, and used equipment can also be found at Play It Again Sports or various ski swaps.

Where should you go to ski?

Near Bozeman there are many options to ski. One of the most popular options, and the closest, is Bridger Bowl. Bridger is about a 40 minute drive from Montana State University and features great skiing at a price of $51 for a day pass. The other popular location around Bozeman is Big Sky Resort. Big Sky is about one hour away from MSU and is a more expensive, bigger, more luxurious mountain at $99 per day. Another option a little farther away is Discovery Ski Area, which is one of my favorite mountains. Discovery is about two and a half hours from MSU, just off Highway 1. Discovery has great terrain, and a lot of it, with ticket prices of only $40 per day.

If you’re looking to get out skiing, it isn’t hard to do. Rent equipment from one of the many ski rental shops, and get up to one of the ski areas nearby to hit the slopes and have some fun!