Rum Runners ready to start season strong

The Ultimate frisbee club has been at MSU for nearly eight years. During that time the Rum Runners have established themselves as members of the USA Ultimate organization and now compete in tournaments across the Northwest. The team is club is currently comprised of 25 members and constantly look to expand their member base. They encourage all MSU students to come out and participate in their weekly practices.

In Ultimate, there are seven players on the field at a time and teams typically have around 14 members. The sport “is a mix of football, basketball and soccer,” said Club President Nick Patterson. The team of seven works to move the disc down the field to the endzone to score. Once a player is holding the disc, they are only allowed to move a pivot foot. Games are typically played the first to 15 points.

Although the team has been on the MSU campus for eight years, this is their first year with a coach, the team is coached by Thomas Forseth a member of the graduate program here at MSU. “This is the first real competitive team we’ve been able to put together,” Payne said.

The team is hoping to improve this season, “Last year we qualified for the regional tournament and came in second to last,” Payne said. “This year we are hoping to be a contender to go to nationals after the regional tournament.” For the team to make the national tournament in June, they must place in the top three at regionals. The regional tournament will be held in the end of April and beginning of May.

Ultimate is a fast-paced and exciting sport, according to Payne, “The whole community is why people stick around. The community is super friendly and out-going no matter where you go. everyone has such a good time playing.” In addition, Ultimate is a self-officiated sport meaning, “it runs on the principle of the game, so there is a lot of sportsmanship that goes into it and there is never real aggression on the field,” Hank said. “Obviously it gets competitive, but it’s a really laid-back environment for the most part.”

The game is “pretty ultimate … It takes a toll on the body a little bit, there is a lot of athleticism that goes into playing,” said Patterson. “We are looking for people to come out all the time and show up for practice whenever they want.” The team currently practices in Romney Gym from 8 – 10 p.m. on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For more information about the club visit their Facebook page “MSU Rum Runners,” or email the club at