Kalli Durham – Athlete profile

Growing up, junior guard Kalli Durham dreamed of being a Bobcat. Since her dream is now a reality, she is not taking the opportunity for granted. “I really do bleed blue and gold. I take pride in wearing a Cats jersey. Some people don’t realize all of the hard work that gets put in besides our 30 games each season,” Durham said.

Durham has been around basketball her entire life and has been playing almost as long. “Basketball is in my blood — there’s a lot of family ties to the sport. I started playing basketball as soon as I could walk. Both of my parents were coaches, so I lived in the gym.”

She credits both basketball and school to helping her mature the last few years. “I have grown as a person over the past three years, and have learned to have time management, perseverance through hard situations and staying organized. The skills I have learned will help me throughout my life after basketball.”

Durham has learned that being disciplined is a necessary part of the student-athlete life, but she also likes to have a good time off the court. “Even though I seem like all business on the court, I’m pretty goofy otherwise. I love to sing and dance — but I have no talent in those departments. I am also the pickiest eater on our team by far.”

Her future plans include more schooling and staying involved in the game of basketball. “I plan on graduating in December and starting the masters program in accounting next spring. I would love to one day manage and own my own business. I would also love to coach someday in the future. I will miss basketball a lot when I am finished, so sharing my knowledge and love for the game would be perfect as a coach.”

Durham’s ambition has helped shape her into the outstanding strong basketball player she is today. “I’m very competitive and love the game. I strive for perfection, am hard working and nothing beats having a second family! Basketball fits my personality perfectly.”