Bo Beck, defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator

Jonathan “Bo” Beck is the defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator for the Bobcat football team. Although originally born in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Beck was raised in Colorado. “I will always claim it as home,” he said. Before coaching at MSU, Beck worked with Rob Ash at Drake University. Upon receiving the invitation to join Ash at MSU, Beck said he was, “thrilled to come to a great school and get back to the mountains.”

The most challenging part of his role is the long hours, Beck said, adding “but that is football.” Most rewarding is, “Helping [the players] become better men… teach[ing] them to be the best they can be on the field, in the classroom and in the community,” Beck said, “The best part is to see them get their diploma from MSU!”

Laughing, Beck referred to his music tastes as “old school,” his favorite pre-game song being “Jump Around” by House of Pain. “I love it!” he said.

Kane Ioane, linebacker coach

Montana-born Kane Ioane is the Bobcats’ linebacker coach and Southern California Recruiter. Ioane was born in Billings, Mont., and came to MSU on a football scholarship. After graduation, Ioane started as a student assistant coach, eventually progressing into his current role.

Ioane said the hardest aspect is the time commitment during the recruiting months and the main season. “You’re on the road staying in hotels by yourself and away from family and friends,” he stated, adding that during the season, he works “Seven days a week, for an average of 12-15 hours a day.” However, Ioane sees many benefits in his work, “There are a lot of intrinsic rewards that come with this job that you’ll not get with any other occupation,” said Ioane. He added, “The best part are relationships built with the players, and “being able to have a positive impact on young men’s lives on a regular basis.”

To prepare for the game, Ioane employs 90’s Hip-Hop, particularly Tupac and Biggie. As a player, Ioane would listen to R&B before games to loosen up. “I considered it the ‘calm before the storm,’” Ioane said.

Jamie Marshall, defensive coordinator

Jamie Marshall is the defensive coordinator and coaches the safeties for the Bobcat football team. He grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, and attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He later coached football at Drake with current MSU Head Football Coach Rob Ash. Marshall was drawn to MSU by the opportunity to be a part of the Bobcat football coaching staff.

Marshall finds coaching an enjoyable and rewarding job. He says that while there are challenges, the overall experience is extremely positive. “The best part is working with the young men in the program and getting to know them off the field,” said Marshall.

Marshall said he cannot choose a single best memory from his time at MSU, but two that come to mind are beating Stony Brook in the 2012 playoffs and beating the University of Montana Grizzlies at Griz stadium.

Garrett Becker, video coordinator

Garrett Becker was raised in Montana. He grew up in Darby, MT and is a proud Bobcat. Becker chose MSU for three reasons:  “One, because it wasn’t Missoula; two, because there is no place more beautiful than the Gallatin Valley; and three, for the fly fishing!”

As the Video Coordinator for the MSU football team, it is Becker’s job to record film of the team and to acquire film from opponents. He explained that this can be challenging when the Bobcats play teams outside of the Big Sky Conference and even within the conference as sometimes the opponents’ video is unusable.

Becker loves being around football all year round and traveling with the team. He also enjoys working with his video crew of students. Becker’s favorite MSU memory is the time when the Cats beat the Grizzlies at home in 2005.

Jason McEndoo is originally from Cosmopolis, WA. He has worked with the MSU football program since 2003 when he was hired by previous Head Coach Mike Kramer.

McEndoo is the run game coordinator and the offensive line coach for the Bobcats. McEndoo says that the most challenging part of this position is “maintaining a healthy balance between [his] job and family.” On the other hand, he explains that a rewarding part of this role is “working with and mentoring [his] players on and off the field to be the best they can.”

Since he began coaching at MSU, McEndoo’s favorite memories include when the Cats beat the Grizzlies in 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2012.