The Best Month in Sports

October is an exciting month for sports, but is it the best? This is the question I tried to sort out this week. I ranked the months below, only considering major national televised sports, and while many of these are debatable my main goal is to get you thinking: What is your favorite sports month?

#12 – July

While in last place, July does not have to be a boring month for sports fans. With baseball, the British Open and Wimbledon there are plenty of sporting events going on. The biggest detractor from July is not the quality of events but rather the fact more people would rather be outside playing sports themselves than watching them on television.

#11 – August

Like its predecessor, August is a month where people tend to spend more time outside than inside watching sports. The biggest reason I put it ahead of July is because the NFL season is right around the corner and the start of college football is in August in addition to a golf major and a tennis major.

#10 – May

Horse racing fans may have a problem with this one, as May is home to the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness — the first two legs to the Triple Crown. May does suffer from the nice weather factor like July and August, but with the NBA and NHL playoffs there is always an important game to watch on any given night.

#9 – December

December is not a horrible month for sports by any stretch, with the NBA, NFL and NHL in full swing. Unfortunately football tends to suffer in December as college football takes a break between the regular season and postseason bowl games.

#8 – November

November is right in the middle of football season, so weekends don’t lack drama and Thanksgiving football is an American staple. November really suffers mostly due to a lack of championships, unless you count NASCAR’s Sprint Cup or the MLS cup.

#7 – April

April steals thunder from March as the month with the Final Four for college basketball.  April also has the Masters golf tournament and spring is ushered in with the opening day of baseball season. The playoffs for the NBA and NHL would push April higher if they didn’t seem to drag on so long.

#6 – June

As a summer month, June is sometimes overlooked due to the nice weather outside but, in terms of championships, it is a stellar month. The NHL and NBA Finals are in June, as well as US Open golf, French Open tennis and the Belmont Stakes. Another underrated championship event that takes place in June is the College World Series in Omaha, Neb.

#5 – September

For many, September is the beginning of fall and the beginning of a new school year. Most sports fans welcome fall because of the beginning of football season.  But September is not just about football, as MLB pennant races hang in the balance and the US Open tennis tournament is held.

#4 – October

We are currently living in a great sports month. Baseball owns this month with its postseason and the World Series. As such, postseason baseball heroes are nicknamed “Mr. October.” The NFL and college football are rocking and rolling, and the NHL and NBA begin their seasons as well.

#3 – February

February is a month of stars as it includes the NHL and NBA All-Star games along with the Pro Bowl. College basketball is also in full swing, but the events that stand out are the Daytona 500 and, of course, the Super Bowl, which are the biggest annual events in their respective sports

#2 – March

They don’t call it March Madness for nothing. March is host to one of the biggest and most exciting tournaments in sports, the NCAA basketball championships. In addition March is a wonderful month for baseball and football fans with spring training and spring football getting fans excited for the upcoming seasons.

#1 – January

January is not just the first month of the year; it is also the first month of sports. Every sport is going except baseball and golf, and it is the most exciting time of the year for football with the NFL playoffs and college football’s bowl and championship games.  The Australian Open tennis tournament and the NHL Winter Classic are also fun events to watch this month.