Athlete Profile: Eli Svisco

Event: OH

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Castle Rock, CO

High School: Regis Jesuit

Height: 6’ 0”

Statistics and Awards: During her freshman year Svisco accumulated 265 kills, averaging 2.25 per set, and posted 312 digs and 58 blocks on the season.

For sophomore outside hitter Eli Svisco, volleyball is something relatively new in her life. “I didn’t start playing until I was 14. I was recruited to play based on athleticism, because before that, I was a competitive gymnast, which is weird because I’m so tall.”

However, she knew volleyball was something she wanted to continue with, even from the beginning. “What attracted me to the sport was how intense it is, and how you can just keep getting better. The sky’s the limit, really.”

Svisco credits her current playing prowess to playing at a high level during club volleyball and high school. She knew she wanted to continue with volleyball, so she “went out and talked to different schools about playing at a college level.”

Born in Buffalo, NY, Svisco lived there for ten years. From there, she moved to Colorado, where she lived until she came to school at MSU. When she visited Bozeman on her recruiting trip, she knew this is where she belonged. “Bozeman was a little mountain town that reminded me of Colorado. So, it just felt like home because I’ve always lived in small towns.”

“My favorite thing about the university is the community and the support offered here. It’s a small community, and everyone comes together for the sports teams. It’s really cool to have that here because it doesn’t happen in every town,” the sophomore agroecology major said.

Svisco enjoys having her team as a built-in support system. “Having your team as your family and best friends is something that is so special. You come in knowing so many people, which makes the transition easier,” she said. “There is also support from the coaches and the staff at the fieldhouse, and they are all willing to help.”

The aid Svisco receives also is helpful when it comes to balancing her schedule. “It is difficult to balance academics, social life and volleyball, because we’re busy traveling. I think being organized is key though. I sit down at the beginning of the week and schedule everything I have to do during the week.”

Svisco says her hard work does not go unnoticed by teammates and coaches. “I’m a hard worker, and I never give up no matter what. I’ve been in many different roles, on winning and losing teams, and I’m good at keeping a positive attitude.”