That 2005 Feeling

I don’t know about you, but 2005 seems like a long time ago. Lance Armstrong was still a hero after winning his seventh Tour de France in a row, the White Sox had broken the curse of the 1919 Black Sox Scandal by winning the World Series. Star Wars Episode III was the top movie, 50 Cent had the best-selling music album and postage stamps were nine cents cheaper.

In 2005, another sports event occurred that hasn’t happened since — University of Texas – Austin, won the college football national championship. No, I’m not talking about how Texas, a member of the Big XII Conference, hasn’t won another championship (2013 Texas is an embarrassment after getting blown out by BYU and Ole Miss in consecutive weeks). I’m talking about how absolutely nobody has won the national championship except for schools that are members of the Southeastern Conference, popularly known as the SEC.

Yes, the SEC has put a stranglehold of dominance on college football with seven consecutive national championships. The first one came in 2006 when the Florida Gators manhandled Ohio State 41-14 during Tim Tebow’s freshman year.  Tebow is now a fourth year unemployed NFL veteran, and while times have changed for him the SEC is still going strong.

Florida was able to score another title with Tebow in 2008, LSU and Auburn each have one apiece, and Alabama has won three out of the last four, something nobody has done since Nebraska accomplished the same feat in the mid ‘90s.  With Alabama at the top of the polls again to start the year and with a solid road win this past week against Johnny “Autograph” Manziel, it seems as if Alabama is primed for a third consecutive title run, which would put the SEC’s record streak to eight.

Of course there is still plenty of football to play, and the rest of the country does have hope. Ohio State and Oregon look to be strong, with the Buckeyes winning their fourteenth straight game going back to last season and the Ducks looking as fast as ever with a blowout of SEC lightweight Tennessee. Also, South Carolina and Florida, considered to be SEC contenders, each lost a game to ACC foes Clemson and Miami respectively.

Hopefully a team emerges to give the SEC champion a challenge in the championship game, something last year’s challenger Notre Dame hopelessly failed to do. While only one challenger will get a shot to dethrone the SEC this year, more will get their chance as college football finally moves to a playoff system, albeit small, in 2014.

So hold on anti-SEC fans! The time is coming when you can hang up your White Sox and Star Wars banners, put on your favorite 50 Cent song and have that 2005 feeling again — no postage required.