Be optimistic, you haven’t lost yet

Optimism: It is a reverberating theme this time of year. Whether you’re a freshman moving into your brand new 10×15 foot room (that you’re sharing), or whether you’re a diehard fan of the Kansas City Chiefs or the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14 last year), you have reason to be optimistic.

For you freshmen: 80 percent of you won’t graduate in four years as planned — and only half of you will graduate from here, period — but why let that worry you now (stats is a sophomore level course anyway)? Same goes for you Chief and Jaguar fans. You haven’t lost a game — yet. So until you lose one or two or fourteen, why not be optimistic. This is probably the best you’ll feel about your team all year!

There will also be those of you who have teams with high expectations that flop. Eagles fans know what I’m talking about from last year and Cowboy fans know this feeling almost every year. Optimism can even cure these hangovers too, although maybe you Cowboy fans should forget it — your owner did just overpay Tony Romo. But you can forget all those worries for a few weeks with the excuse: “It’s just the preseason.” So raise your glass (or can — we are still in college after all) and toast to this hopeful time of year.

Of course, new beginnings for freshmen and football are not the only cause for optimism in August, as baseball pennant races are in full swing (pun intended) — although most baseball fans are having more fun laughing at the Yankees than they are watching the standings. It feels good for the rest of us when the Yanks finally get kicked in the rear for overpaying a player. Alex Rodriguez must feel like a bandit, making $140,000 per inning as a 38-year-old athlete while in the midst of the biggest steroid scandal since Barry Bonds. I know this whole buying-a-championship thing has worked 27 times for the Yanks but at least we now know it doesn’t work all the time and number 28 will have to wait…for now.

[pullquote]For most students, players and teams, the unending supply of optimism this time of year is awesome. Why? Because nobody has messed up yet. You haven’t not gotten that A in calculus, your favorite player isn’t a bust this season and your team hasn’t not won the championship.[/pullquote]  Instead of worrying what bad might happen, enjoy this feeling of unbridled hope with a zero in your team’s loss column. You don’t know, this could be your team’s year. Proclaim that statement while you can!