Rum Runners achieve 5th in ultimate sectionals

Last week the MSU Ultimate Frisbee club played in Ogden, Utah and earned a fifth-place finish in the 11-team competition. This earned them a spot in the D-I Northwest Regionals in Boise, Idaho April 26-27. The team calls themselves the MSU Rum Runners, which stems from the idea of driving all through the night to their various competitions in places like Las Vegas, Nev. and Seattle, Wash.

The Rum Runners were founded in the spring of 2008, and they are currently led by President Aidan Bickford. There are 21 rostered members on the team, and many more play with the team during practice times. MSU does not currently have a women’s team, although women do participate in some of the practices, so only the men participate in tournaments.

In Ultimate, seven members are on the field at a time and the goal of the game is to pass the disc across the field to the end zone. Once a player has caught the frisbee, they cannot run. Frisbee is also different from other sports in that it is self-officiated. This means the players make their own foul and stall calls working with the opposing team, and because of this Ultimate “has a lot of spirit and sportsmanship,” said Bickford.

The MSU team is young this year. However, according to Bickford, they are “a more serious team than last year,” with “a lot of new players.”

“Ultimate is unique as a sport in that it is not very expensive, the only equipment you need is cleats,” said Bickford.

The team practices on Monday and Wednesday at 5 p.m. on the fields by the fieldhouse on 7th and Kagy. They encourage students who are interested in playing to come to practices or email the club at