Badass of the Week: Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas, a biochemistry major, has a philosophy as a student: take the hardest classes he can, whenever he can. If it’s science, he’s down for it. As a senior in high school he took five AP classes and two second-year sciences as well as becoming an Eagle Scout — all at the same time.

Born in San Antonio, Tex. he was quickly shuttled to Biloxi, Miss. From there his family moved to Missoula where he lived until deciding to come to Bozeman. Before attending MSU, Thomas decided to take advantage of the outdoors and participate in every sport he could including skiing, soccer and tennis, winning nine total varsity letters.

Despite breaking his tibia and fibula in his right leg during a crazy [ski] accident, he remains tied to the sport. “I don’t think that it is possible for me to ever get bored of skiing. Sometimes it’s hard because although I would like to think myself invincible, I do get sore occasionally,” Thomas said.

On March 29-31 of this year Thomas travelled to Heavenly, Calif. to participate in the National Freestyle Championships, in which the top male freestyle skiers in the nation compete in singles and dual events. He placed 29th in the dual event out of 67 male competitors.

Thomas has no plans to move out of the Treasure State any time soon. “I want to live here in Montana. I am very much attached to the opportunities of this area. In the winter, I can ski by driving to Bridger which is about as close as it gets,” he explained. “Then, when ski season’s over, I have the spring and summer to play sports, go backpacking and fly fish. The choices for things to do around here are simply endless!”

On top of being a star scholar and a great athlete, Thomas is also involved in Greek life. Since joining Sigma Phi Epsilon last semester, he has found comfort in the fraternity and university, stating that he truly feels like he’s part of the school, not just another tuition-payer.

“Since I have gotten here, I have found so many opportunities. The faculty and other students have been very receptive,” said Thomas.

In Thomas’ life, his parents and sister, Michelle, have been a continuing source of inspiration for him. His father, an oncologist, and his mother helped him get interested in everything outdoorsy from skiing, hunting and sports to camping and dirt bikes, and to become a better all-around person.