Athlete Profile: Rory Perez

Photo by Roger Miller.
Photo by Roger Miller.

Junior kicker/punter Rory Perez got his start in football because of his family. “My brother was a kicker, so I followed in his footsteps,” Perez said. “I had played soccer my whole life, so I figured I’d have a good background.”

Perez has come a long way since his kicking career started in eighth grade. He led the Bobcats in scoring, and averaged 41.4 yards per punt in the 2012 season.

The Moreno Valley, Calif. native says the best part of being a kicker is “having the chance to decide the game, whether I make or miss the kick. I like the pressure.” He also says his favorite part of football is “the brotherhood, and creating new friendships you never expected. It’s a life changing experience.”

Before a game, Perez likes to “read a book, get mentally tough. I listen to jazz before a game, a little Frank Sinatra,” he said. “I go out early to get some kicks in and warm up. I also get on the bike for a bit to get my legs warmed up.”

His dedication to the game has not gone unnoticed. He has been named Honorable Mention All-Conference three times, and is aiming to become an All-American this year. Perez was also named Big Sky All-Academic for two years.

On continuing his football career after his time at MSU he said, “I’ve dedicated myself to working hard, so if I get the chance to, yes.”

Perez’s success as a student-athlete is due to “time management, dedication and commitment in and out of the classroom and giving back to my community.”

For inspiration, he looks to his parents. “They stick with me through thick and thin. I try to please them.” Leo Tolstoy’s quote “Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing themselves,” also provides encouragement.

Perez, a business management major, says his favorite class at MSU is Managerial Accounting. “I find the information useful for accounting and business in the future,” he said.

His reasoning for coming to MSU is simple. “I wanted a different change in my life. I liked the city of Bozeman, and how it backs up the football team and the university,” Perez explained. “I liked the coaching staff, and the players made me feel welcome.”

Overall, Perez says the football team is made up of good people. “We are active in the classroom, community and on the field. We’re good character guys too. Please come support us!”

Editor’s note: The Bobcats will play their Sonny Holland Scrimmage on Saturday, April 13 at 1 p.m. in Bobcat Stadium.