Club Profile: Cycling

Jacquie Spoon leaps over a hurdle in cycle cross. Photo courtesy of Drew Cardoza.
Jacquie Spoon leaps over a hurdle in cycle cross. Photo courtesy of Drew Cardoza.

Cycling is more than an activity made to enrage drivers on Willson Ave. at night. In addition to being a great way to commute and save gas money, cycling has become an exciting and engaging sport at MSU. The MSU cycling team competes in a variety of events such as mountain biking, road biking, downhill and cyclocross.

Cyclocross is part road biking, part mountain biking and part obstacle race. Contestants race over sand, grass and hills and through ponds in an exciting race to the finish.

The team is competitive and has featured champions in the men’s and women’s ‘A’ division, but president Drew Cardoza was emphatic about how the team has a place for everyone, whether it’s to win races or just have a good time. “It’s not just racing, it’s for people that just want to learn the Bozeman area, and have a fun mountain bike ride,” Cardoza said. “It’s a great way to ride with groups so you don’t have to ride by yourself. A lot of other teams are very serious and make them do this and that and we go out and have a blast and it’s fun.”

In his first year as president, Cardoza is trying to make big changes in order to increase membership and community involvement. One of his ideas to increase cycling club membership is having a day on campus where the cycling team gives students bicycle tune-ups. Another fun idea is to have an art contest for the team jerseys. The winner would have their art displayed on the jerseys, and their name on the collars.

One event all MSU students should look forward to attending is MSU’s only big bike race on April 13 and 14. Participants will be racing road-bike style over Peet’s Hill. Anyone interested in learning more about cycling and cycling races is encouraged to come cheer on the Bobcats.