Cat Lacrosse falls to UM

In another episode of Cat/Griz athletic rivalry, the MSU’s Men’s Lacrosse team fell to UM at Bobcat Stadium on Friday, March 8. About a hundred people came out for the game which felt just as energetic as any other sporting event, highlighted by hilarious commentary provided by a group of quick-witted fans.
The first half saw the Griz demonstrate their strong defense and aggressive offense as they dominated the game.
While the Cats made many runs at the goal, their point was made by Mason Sweeney after fifteen minutes of game time, and the first quarter ended 1-4.
The Griz continued to show their defensive dominance until :03 before the end of the half when Connor Dack scored MSU’s second point, bringing the score to 2-5.
While the excitement of the first half was equaled by the demented parkour being performed by some teenagers on the bleachers, the third quarter saw a change in tides as the Cats gained momentum and closed the gap.
Five minutes into the quarter Matt Richards became a force of nature, scoring two points against Montana within three minutes. At this time, the Griz coach, Tucker Sargent, threw his hat on the ground screaming at everything. He quickly became a crowd favorite.
With one minute left in the third, Joe Ducharme made a fifth point against UM, bringing the Cats within one point. While the third quarter seemed like anyone’s game, UM arrived in the fourth quarter, scoring three points before MSU’s Preston Knight broke the streak.
But the Griz quickly reverted to being the offensive juggernaut and won the game with little contest. The final score was Griz 12, Cats 7.
MSU lacrosse will play again on March 22 at Westminister at 4 p.m. Their next home game will be April 12 at 4 p.m. against Gonzaga.