Athlete Profile: Antonio Biglow

Photo by Roger Miller.
Photo by Roger Miller.

MSU basketball player Antonio Biglow is an avid shoe collector and has over 500 pairs of them. “I like playing in different shoes, and different colors,” he said. “There’s a college basketball thing called Kicks On Court; it’s a kind of competition with shoes where you get an award and ranking. It’s fun.”

The junior guard says his favorite part of the position is “that you get to run your team, and be the coach on the court. You always have the ball in your hands.”

The Los Angeles native started playing basketball at age four. “My cousin played for a legendary school at home called Crenshaw, and I used to go to his games. From watching him, I picked up the habits of playing basketball.”

Biglow, a History major, said his favorite class is Native American history. “My teacher makes it interesting; he’s a young, cool dude. Especially in Montana, there are lots of Native Americans here, so it is more relevant.”

What is your favorite thing about basketball and why?
I love a packed gym. It makes the game more intense. When you’re playing at home and you do something well, and you get a huge round of applause, there’s nothing better than that.

Why did you come to MSU?
Coach Huse had been recruiting me since ninth grade. [The Bobcats] became like family. When I visited, I saw that Bozeman was a good town, and the people are nice. There’s good weather for the most part, except for the snow.

What do you do to prepare before a game?
I listen to music, shower and pick out a shoe to play in. I also get some stretching in. Nothing out of the ordinary.

What do you think is the key to your success as a student-athlete?
The key to my success is staying focused. It’s hard to balance school and practice. We don’t get praised for it a lot, but we miss a lot of school, and being a History major, I miss a lot of reading. Being able to keep up is tough.

Have you received any awards while playing basketball?
At my junior college, I was California Freshman of the Year, and I led the state in scoring. I was the co-Player of the Year and the conference MVP back-to-back. My sophomore year, I was the Player of the Year, and nationally ranked 26th. I play in a summer league made up of NBA and top college players called the Drew League.

Is there a person or quote that inspires you?
My mother inspires me. The quote that inspires me the most is “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.” — Carmelo Anthony

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to sleep, go to the gym — mainly shoot and work out — and online shop for shoes.