Tone’s Sports Notes

A Gonzo Sports Column Mourning the NBA and the Death of Jerry Buss and Once Again Celebrating College Basketball.

The NBA All-Star Game on Sunday marked Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, and the man he said he would choose as his teammate proved to be the difference maker. Kobe Bryant’s block of Lebron James’ jumper sealed the deal for the West, as they won a game that didn’t matter 143-138. Chris Paul was MVP with 20 points and, more notably, 15 assists, which guided the West to its third straight All-Star win. The game, as always, was indicative of the league. As expected, there was no defense played, half the shots were dunks and everyone on the court besides Paul proved to be major-league ball hogs. The NBA has become the taint that spans the length between the Super Bowl and baseball season since Jordan retired — the last time. He was still a baller at 40 with the Wizards.

In other NBA news, Jerry Buss died Monday morning at the age of 80. He owned the Lakers, and they won 10 titles under his checkbook. Buss died of kidney failure, perhaps due to a drinking problem, given that in 2007 he was arrested in California for driving his gold Mercedes Benz on the wrong side of the road while intoxicated with a 23-year-old female passenger.

Finally, a tragedy took place Valentine’s Day morning, as Reeva Steenkamp, the girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius, otherwise known as the “Blade Runner,” was found dead in their South African home. Pistorius fired four shots through their bathroom door under the belief she was an intruder. Steenkamp was hit by three shots and died in his arms. Pistorius was the first double-amputee to compete in the Olympics. He is the only suspect in the case, and cried when he heard he was charged with premeditated murder at his first court appearance Friday. He may spend the rest of his life in prison.