Outdoor Rec experiences Yellowstone

Photo by Yvonne Rychlak.

This past weekend ASMSU Outdoor Recreation took a trip to visit the beautiful Yellowstone National Park.

Over the two-day trip, the group of students and a retired faculty member saw Old Faithful, the Grand Prismatic Spring, the geyser basin, Mammoth Hot Springs and lots of wildlife. Along the way, the group even managed to fit in a dip in the Boiling River.

“We had some great wildlife viewing opportunities — one of the biggest treats was a herd of bighorn sheep coming off the mountain and crossing the road in front of us,” said Mike Cavaness, ASMSU Outdoor Recreation director.

MSU student Yvonne Rychalak said that her favorite part was “the park in its diversity — if anyone gets the chance to take part he or she should. Otherwise, they are going to miss out!” Rychalak also said the trip was “a brilliant way to discover more of the area that surrounds you under the guidance of experienced staff, who can provide a lot of information about the visited area, especially for people from abroad or out-of-state.”
Another student on the trip, Jürgen Schmidt, enjoyed the entire trip and said “Each part was so different and beautiful that I can’t pick one favorite.”

ASMSU is planning a day hike at Cinnamon Mountain on Oct. 27, a day hike at Sypes Canyon on Nov. 3 and a snowshoe hike at Bridger Bowl on Nov. 17. For more information, visit the ASMSU Outdoor Recreation center, or visit their website at www.montana.edu/outdoorrecreation.

When asked what he would tell people who are on the fence about going on the trips, Cavaness said, “Come join us. It’s a tremendous opportunity to see some of the world renowned sights in our area. It’s a deal that can’t be beat.”