Intramural soccer and softball come to a close

Last Friday, the intramural soccer and softball regular seasons drew to a close. A few of the intramural soccer and softball teams are competing in the playoffs this week to determine which teams will be the champions of each sport. “It was a good season for soccer, we had as many people on the fields as we can fit,” Intramural Director Jeff Hix, stated, when asked how he felt the season went.

However, participation in the intramural softball league was lower than he expected. “Intramurals are a good way to blow off steam and just have fun,” Hix said. “Come out and have some fun. It doesn’t take that long to sign up.”

Students who have no experience in the sport, those who are experts of the trade and those of any shade between can join intramurals. When asked what her favorite part of intramurals was, Jenna Pinto, a freshman from Littleton, Colo. who played intramural soccer said “the camaraderie between the team members.” To anyone who is on the fence about joining intramurals she said, “Just do it! It’s fun and everyone is relaxed.”

Next up on the intramural plate are flag football and men’s and women’s soccer. According to Hix, the flag football and men’s soccer leagues are already starting to fill up. Registration for the flag football season and men’s and women’s soccer seasons end Sunday, Oct. 7. The seasons begin Oct. 8 and go until Oct. 26. To sign up, visit and follow the step-by-step instructions.