Hyline Raceway’s 5th Annual Motocross Roundup


This last weekend was the 5th annual Motocross Roundup out at the Hyline Raceway near Four Corners. Riders from all over the state came to Bozeman to race in the three moto shootout. There were 15 different classes of competition, ranging from little kids on 50cc bikes to beginner and women’s classes to the pros. With this onslaught of riders, it took all day Saturday and most of Sunday morning to get all the classes through the three races.

“It is great to see this many people coming out to support the track and the sport and it is encouraging to see so many young riders out there giving it their all,” said Jackson Stone a returning racer and Motocross Club member, about the turnout.

One of the benefits of having so many classes is that it gives racers ample opportunity to watch each other ride. It helps a beginner learn to get better when he/she has the opportunity to see how the pros are handling different parts of the course. “The pros put on an awesome show,” Stone added.

Mike Tlusty was one of those stylish pro class riders, who had this to say about the competition, “Dustin [McCombs] was on fire all weekend, we had been competing all year in the Big Sky Motocross Challenge. This weekend he came out swinging and I really couldn’t touch him. Cameron [Weaver], in his usual style, left me in the dust but it was an awesome weekend of racing! The track was great and I think everyone felt that they ended the racing season with a bang.”

Brandon Hogue, who recently returned to motocross racing after recovering from a shoulder injury, said, “The competition in the pro-class was intense but there were equally close competitions in all the classes. It doesn’t matter if you win, crash or lose, it will always be fun.”

This track has improved since a Red Bull partnership to “gave it wings” back in 2008. The idea was to give Montana motorcyclists a place where they could train, so that when they went outside the state to compete they would at least have some experience hitting the larger jumps found on most tracks.

Hyline Raceway definitely comes through in this respect, with a large and well maintained track. It is one of the top tracks in Montana — it is no wonder that people from all over the state come for the weekend when they host a race.

Montana State’s Motocross club had solid attendance at the event and impressed many of the competitors with their willingness to help and their love for the sport. In addition to being a part of a club that can help beginning riders master the sport, the team travels to events and supports each other through the races.

The club president, Landon Bayger, is enthusiastic about the club and expects great things from the team.

If you would like to join the Motocross Club or be kept up to date on motocross events contact Landon Bayger at (970) 903-8372, or search for “MSUMX” on Facebook.