Intramurals kick off season

Intramural soccer began on Monday on Lambert Fields. Photo by Roger Miller

Which intramural sports are offered here at Montana State?
Coed men and women’s soccer
Indoor soccer
3-on-3 volleyball

How are the matches organized?
There are two formats. A league for the larger team sports consists of a three week season with two games per week. At the end there is one week of playoffs. Half the teams make it to the play-offs based upon their record throughout the season. The second format is a one-night tournament format for the individual sports. The tournament may be double or single elimination depending on how many teams sign up. The winners receive a T-shirt.

Are there different leagues for experienced and new players?
Yes, the A league teams play in the playoffs, the B league is for participants who want to go out and have fun with their buddies. The games can still get pretty heated.

What sports are being offered right now?
Coed soccer and softball; they started on Monday. Badminton signups are also open right now, and folf and golf signups will be open soon. Golf takes place at Cottonwood Hills on a Saturday.

When are the signups?
Signups open a week and a half before the season starts. The signup system at is online so participants can sign up anywhere and pay the forfeit fee online. get money back if you show up to play.

Does it cost money to sign up?
It is $25 for a team to sign up to play, but this money is returned if the players show up to the schedules games. This fee may be changed to a pay-to-play fee if ASMSU approves it. Most universities use a pay-to-play system.

Can people play if they don’t have a team?
Yes, that is one of the beauties of using People can sign up as free agents and write a small description about themselves, such as if they played in high school, and teams that have formed will look for these free agents to add to their team. Free agents can also search teams on imleagues and ask to be added to the team. This is simpler than the paper system, and more people get an opportunity to play. If there is high free agent participation, we can put all the free agents together to form a team.

How many participants this season?
There are 20 softball teams and 30 coed soccer teams. That’s about the same number of soccer teams as last year. Softball has been trending down. One reason may be the time commitment and need for equipment such as a bat and glove. Participants can check out equipment at the fields.

Anything else you would like to tell students and readers about intramurals?
It’s fun and gives students a good chance to interact with other students and build new relationships separate from school. They can get out of the classroom, blow off steam, go out and have fun. Also, we are always looking for referees for football and basketball games.

People who are interested in signing up for intramurals should go to and look at upcoming seasons and tournaments. If anyone is interested in becoming a referee for football or basketball games, contact Jeff Hix at