Disc Golf: Three Courses to Explore

Disc Golf Courses in the Bozeman area (an hour’s drive or less):

Rose Park – Bordered by 27th Ave., Tschache Lane and Oak St. behind Home Depot
Bohart Ranch – In the Bridger Canyon 1.6 miles past Bridger Bowl on the left
Battle Ridge – In the Bridger Canyon about 6 miles past Bridger Bowl, dirt parking lot on the left just before the campground
Bighorn Ridge – Starts right by the newly paved parking lot at Big Sky Community Park on Little Coyote Rd. in Big Sky

Whether you call it frisbee golf, folf or frolf, disc golf thrives in the Bozeman area. The low-impact, low-stakes activity which only requires a disc provides a great excuse for outdoor enthusiasts to go for a light hike in the mountains.

Since the Rose Park 12-hole course behind Home Depot opened four years ago, it has become a local hotspot — it’s the only official course in Bozeman and volunteers maintain it, so anyone can play for free. But that simple course in a thistle- and gopher-infested field whose most exciting feature is a small sledding hill pales in comparison to the other courses the Bozeman area has to offer. Three locations offer four 18-hole courses within an hour’s drive of downtown Bozeman, and their beautiful settings make the trip well worth it.

1) Bohart Ranch
Bohart Ranch, a pristine place in the Bridgers just past Bridger Bowl, features two well-maintained and well-marked 18-hole courses during its summer season and requests that disc golfers sign in and pay $5 per day or purchase a summer season pass for $75. Both courses feature a mix of short and semi-long holes, but the high 18 is more scenic, so make sure to check it out if you only have time for one round.

2) Battle Ridge
The holes at Battle Ridge, a homemade course in the Bridgers a few miles past Bohart, feature buoys and PVC tubes hanging from tree branches in place of chained baskets. This unconventional setup makes Battle Ridge somewhat difficult to navigate if you’ve never played there before, but once you get the lay of the land the course is super fun. With 18 holes criss-crossing a valley and a bonus hole to get you back to the parking lot, Battle Ridge offers opportunities for long, wide-open drives as well as technical tree shots.

3) Bighorn Ridge
Volunteers maintain Big Sky’s 18-hole disc golf course in the Meadow Village meticulously — most holes have both a pro and amateur tee and two possible basket locations, and the baskets get moved regularly to keep the course interesting. Located in the foothills by the Big Sky Community Park, this course challenges players’ control, with a mixture of long and short drives up- and downhill. Beware of hole 17 — if you overshoot the mid-range downhill shot, your disc might just end up in the sewage treatment plant at the bottom of the hill.

Chances are you’ll encounter a friendly local willing to help you at any of the above courses, so don’t confine yourself to Rose Park — get out of town and explore.