Athlete Profile: Carl Nystuen

Name:  Carl Nystuen
Sport:  Track and Field
Hometown:  Lakeside, Mont.
Major:  Management, marketing and finance.
Year in School:  5th year senior

How long have you been involved in Track and Field?
I have been running competitively since middle school.

What event do you compete in and what does it entail?
Cross country during the fall, the 3k and 5k during the indoor season, and the 5k, 10k and steeple chase during the outdoor season.  The steeple chase is a 3000-meter race with barriers and a water pit you have to clear.

Why did you begin running?
I’ve always been good at it and I like running; it’s a good way to get away and do something fun.

Why did you come to MSU?
I’m from Bozeman originally and I spent a lot of time in Big Sky, where we have a vacation home.  I loved the coach and the team when I came out here for recruitment.  I loved the surrounding area and wanted to be around mountains.

What is your favorite thing about Track and Field and why?
Running with friends, hanging out with the team and putting it all on the line.

What is your motivation before a competition?
To put together a race plan. It’s all about positive self-talk and believing in yourself and your training.  It’s also about knowing that whatever happens is due to what you put in, and you have to push to the end.

Are you planning to continue competing in Track and Field after graduation?
Yes, but only for recreation.  I’ll take some time off to heal.

What do you think is the key to your success as a student-athlete?
The coaching; we have a great coaching staff.  Coach Kennedy is good at putting together training plans and believing in them.  The administration does a good job organizing the travelling and competition opportunities.  The team works together and we motivate and drive each other.

Do you have any awards or achievements you have received while involved in Track and Field?
Big Sky All Conference All Academic every year.

Do you have an inspirational person or quote?
Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow unless you’re running today.— Carl Nystuen

Do you have any other hobbies/activities/interests?
I spend a lot of time skiing, both downhill and water-skiing.  I’m also on the lake a lot during the summer.  I like being outside and hanging with my friends.

What is your favorite class at MSU and why?
My marketing-related classes and Management Practicum.

Is there anything else you would like to tell students/readers about MSU Track and Field?
Come out and support us this year.  We are a good team and there are a few more chances to see us at home. We hope to continue to improve and take our momentum with us into the conference championships to win a title.