Parkour Club: Physical and Free

What: Bozeman Parkour
When: Sundays at 4:00 p.m.
Where: In front of Cobleigh Hall
Cost: None

Parkour is a training method that focuses on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. It is often performed in urban settings; anywhere will serve as an appropriate environment. It is one physical exercise that requires no equipment, no specific training arena and no fancy gear.

Brandon Busby, a sophomore at MSU, is the club’s president. “I got involved in parkour through a friend that showed me a video clip on YouTube. We went out and started training at our local schools in Billings. When I moved to Bozeman I was lucky enough to find some friends who were also interested in parkour and in forming this club,” Busby explained.

The mission of the club is to educate people on the idea of parkour and body movement. It is also a goal to teach and welcome newcomers. Meetings usually consist of a warm-up of muscles and joints while conversing about what the group specifically wants to work on. Then they work on the basics with rolls and vaults, before continuing on to more difficult techniques.

“The best part about parkour is the community. Since it is such a small group we form a great companionship with each other as well as with other groups throughout Montana,” Busby said. The club encourages anyone of any skill level to check it out. There are no fees and there is no equipment to purchase. Busby said, “Parkour is a great workout that anyone can do.”

For more information, contact Busby at or attend a meeting on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. in front of Cobleigh hall.