Day Hikes Made Easy With Outdoor Rec

Looking to enjoy the clear blue skies on a quick and easy trek that leads you through the foothills and into the woods? Outdoor Recreation held such an adventure this Saturday on the Triple Tree Trail just outside of Bozeman.

Past the mansions sprinkled across the foothills, this out-and-back trail is a fantastic, low-intensity hike that delivers all you can expect from a hike in the Gallatin Range. After moving past the stately homes, hikers are left with the elegant sight of Mount Ellis.

The trail led the snowshoe group through a frosty meadow, navigating between bushes that are typically covered by snow and not normally an obstacle this time of year. A signifier to the sad state of winter, this did not stop the group from enjoying the wilderness.

Journeying into the woods, hikers found themselves navigating through a maze of trees, following a path through the alluring woodland. Onward and upward the snowshoers went.

Waiting for the adventurers on the other side of the trees, the trail lead up through a snowy clearing, leaving hikers with a sprawling view of Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley. With nothing but sunny skies, the hikers were left with panoramic views that stretched for miles on end.

Outdoor Rec hosts outings almost every Saturday. The next trip on Feb. 11 is a cross-country ski tour through Brackett Creek in the Bridger Range. Cost is $15 and transportation and equipment provided. Check out Outdoor Rec’s website for more information at