Athlete Profile: Hannah Mains

Name: Hannah Mains
Sport: Snowboarding
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Major: Liberal Studies
Year in School: Freshman
How long involved in sport: Nine years, competing five

Why did you begin snowboarding?
My entire family, except for my parents, skied and then decided to switch to snowboarding.

Favorite thing about snowboarding:
I love racing. I love going as fast as I can and feeling the wind in my hair and seeing the snow go up on all sides of me. I also love getting air on the halfpipe and going around gates.

How does snowboarding competition work?
I am a member of the United States Amateur Snowboard Association, USASA, and I compete in the Midwest Best home series. I ski every competition in the series. There are no competitions in Bozeman, so I will have to travel to Colorado or the Midwest every other weekend. It