Letter to the Editor: Exponent article misreported ASMSU legal services

Dear Nicole & Peter,

I just read the April 23, 2015 exponent article “ASMSU looks back at the past year.” You both should know better about the legal services reporting since I worked with both of you on the Exponent Publications Board.

Imagine my surprise to read that ASMSU instituted legal services this past year, especially since I spent 32 years as the ASMSU Attorney directing the ASMSU Student Legal Services program as a major part of my job.  ASMSU hired me after it spent so much money on a contracted attorney that it was decided the money was better spent on a full time attorney for ASMSU and Student Legal Services.  The reporter does go on to write that only 42 students were seen in the last year I worked for ASMSU, which was the 2013-2014 academic year. I had many more legal appointments available although I spent many hours in meetings with the ASMSU & MSU Administrations discussing issues that resulted in ASMSU giving away its power of the purse strings and its independence. Other past ASMSU Presidents and I warned that the ASMSU Administration was giving away its powers.

The “Pure Gold” award was given to me for 30 years of service to ASMSU and MSU.  The ASMSU Attorney was a job I loved. I loved working with students.

I commend ASMSU on passing a Student Bill of Rights. ASMSU is going to need it in the coming years since the past two ASMSU Administrations before I retired on June 30, 2014, gave away ASMSU’s power of allocating student activity fees without MSU Administration oversight and interference. ASMSU was always fiscally responsible because of the ASMSU Finance Board (one member was from the MSU Administration) and Senate in the 32 years I worked for it.  Only in the last 6 months before I retired, did the VP of Student Success have final say on how ASMSU’s money is spent.

Phyllis A Bock