A Time for Thanks

As the semester enters the homestretch, I’d like to give some well-deserved thanks to those who make up the Exponent family.

And wow, what a big family it’s becoming.

At a recent national media convention, a student from another university spoke of the difficulties of producing a newspaper with a student staff of 30. Seeing the astonished looks of the lecture’s other attendees — whose staffs were apparently much smaller — our Exponent attendee decided not to mention that Montana State’s student newspaper boasts more than 70 active employees.

I’m not sure if our size makes our collective task easier or more challenging, but the diversity it yields certainly makes the paper more interesting.

I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work with this group of students, colleagues, friends and roommates. We depend on each other every week. When any one person drops the ball (like, for instance, when I miss my deadline for this column) ripples are felt across the paper. Producing the Exponent is like solving a 20-page crossword, or performing a 73-person dance. Someone is always picking up the slack.

I don’t think they’re the only exceptional students on our campus, but it is extraordinary that so many come together in one office, working in such close proximity, critiquing each other’s work, every day. I’m lucky to work with them.

Thanks should also go to MSU’s students, who each pay $2.43 per semester to support our paper, the professionals who volunteer their time and knowledge to help us learn, and Bozeman’s local businesses who see the Exponent as a worthwhile investment. Without each of you, we couldn’t serve our community.

As the newspaper has grown, we no longer have space to print everyone’s name on our masthead each week. Today, I’d like to do so. The following are the names of current Exponent staff members and supporting cast:

Managing Editor: Sabre Moore

Business and Marketing:
Ryan Bovy, Hunter Metcalf, Matt Rine, Danyelle Moore, Nicole Kuha, Chris Zimny

Web and Multimedia:
Fred Vollmer, Vanessa Naive, Jeff Dougherty, Cullen Severance, Cassie Wilson, Steven Roth, Biff Bobcat, Kyle Moriatry, Louis Whiteford, Alex Miller, John Sweeney, Johnathon Van Houdt, Joe Schadt

Tina Smith, Sonja Benton, Pierce Ware, Danny Mecca, Micah Rauch, David Goodson, Vanessa Swenson, Tim Householter, Jennifer Rogers, Samantha Katz

Trevor Nelson, Kate Juedes, Emma Nielsen, Karissa Erickson, Matthew Weigand, Roger Miller, Jeremy Gould, Nicole Smith, Brandon Kowalski, Juan Martos Diaz, Matt Williams

Colin Gaiser, Kristen Ingman, Nicole Duggan, Eric Dietrich, Rose Sullivan-Springhetti, Josh Botz, Molly Reed, Jessianne Wright, Nick McKinney, Tor Gudmundsson, Hanibal Clayton, John Woodgerd, Samantha Kohl

Jordan Maxwell, Brent Zundel, Patrick Hessman, Else Trygstad-Burke, Sammuel McDowall, Shelby Rogala, Bill Goold

Michelle Thomas, Megan Bernhardt, Elijah Inabnit, Anthony Varriano Elizabeth Narigon

Karen Wilson, Reese Leblanc, Genevieve Suwara, Matthew Kennedy, Anthony Rampello, Kate Van Genderen, Peter Hoag

Peter Fox

Publication Board:
Phyllis Bock, Brandi Higgins, Lana Lake, Josh Stevens, Matt Caires, Sepp Jannotta, Bill Wilke, Dax Schieffer, Michael Becker, Meghan Doyle, Jim Rickman

Other Professionals:
Jim Gransbery, Mike Greener, Andy Malby